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5 Ways Pilates is Basically Just Like Soccer

By July 12, 2018Uncategorized

I know what you’re thinking…how is Pilates like soccer?! But hear us out, okay? Even though Ireland wasn’t playing in the World Cup, we still tuned into a few matches because we heard that many soccer players actually looooove Pilates! Turns out, they aren’t so different after all! 

1. So the first way we figure that Pilates is like soccer is that coordination is KEY. They might have to kick a ball long distances into a guarded net, but have you tried “snake and twist” on a reformer?! Go ahead and try it. We’ll wait. 


Pilates like soccer

Is there a Pilates World Cup? WHERE DO WE SIGN UP???

2. It tends to be better if you’re doing it with your squad! We love our #flexfam, our morning coffee dates, and the friendships that have come out of barre class. Flex is better with friends! 



Pilates like soccer

We might need a bigger studio to incorporate this move into a barre class





3. Another way Pilates is like soccer? In both activities, there’s time spent standing and time spent horizontal. Yes, this is a Neymar reference…but we heard he spent over 14 minutes on the ground during their matches!? That’s about the same length of time as a reformer warm up.



4. It feels sooooo good when you win! Okay, technically, you can only ever “win” at Pilates, because you came to a class and did your best and you totally rocked it! But we can totally relate to this feeling when we walk out of Miranda’s Power class on a Saturday morning. 

Power Pilates pose

Don’t tell me you don’t recognize this feeling though…


Pilates like soccer

Twinning! #teamflex

5. Another way Pilates is like soccer? Matching uniforms, obvi! You’ve got leggings, sports bras…and sticky socks are basically just cleats for indoors, right? Oh and don’t forget our fab Flex jumpers! We still have a few left for purchase in case you still haven’t bought yours yet. If you’re not a soccer fan, it’s the only uniform worth wearing these days! 

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