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Flex Star Spotlight: Client Feature

By August 27, 2018Blog, Flex lifestyle

 Anna has been a dedicated Flexer since September 2016, clocking up an impressive 206 barre and Pilates classes. She has also tucked and pulsed and side planked while travelling in South America, and you might have seen her guest appearances in some of our online workout and technique tip videos!

What does a typical day look like for you?

I work a typical 9-5.30 office job in HR. Until recently, I was also studying 2/3 nights a week in CIT so it was pretty full on. When I finished my final exams I took a break and headed to South America, to Columbia and Peru to do some travelling and I am currently in the process of moving to Dublin (yes the wort part is that I have to leave Flex!!)

What’s your favourite part of class?

The end (I joke)! Once the thigh and seat work is over, I feel I can relax a little on the floor doing ab work, but that’s only because I fool myself into think ‘I’m sitting down, it’s fine!’ – in reality the ab work is some of the hardest!

What’s the biggest change you have noticed from your Barre and Reformer classes?

Obvious body changes (which were promised) have occurred such as muscle tightness and definition which was my initial aim however the best change has been the ability to switch off my mind for 50 minutes and forget about everything else – no guesses as to how I got to so many classes, it is so addictive when you start.

What’s your favourite way to relax?

Surprisingly, coming to a Barre classes is now one of my favourite ways to unwind and calm the mind (because it most definitely isn’t relaxing for the body!). Other than that I am a social bunny (when I get time) so enjoy going out at the weekend and catching up with friends.