Flex in the city is a Pilates and Barre studio, specializing in small group classes and 1-1 private training.

Flex is a story of movement, and movement is life. We all move at different levels, we each require different actions and movements from our bodies every day but certain things are universal. To move with a sense of ease and comfort. To understand our bodies and be in control, not at its mercy. To be able to do all the things you need and want to spontaneously, with joy and energy and vigor. Our bodies tell a story but all too often, we think only of and are consumed by the story our bodies tell the world. Flex is the story your body represents to the only person who matters: you. Flex is becoming who you passionately are, who you desire to be at your essence. We move our bodies to write our stories to create our lives. Flex is a bigger life. Flex has been created and recreated, stripped apart and examined, reformed and realigned, improved, it is a story that is both brand new but at the same time intimately familiar to you. It is a story with meaning, without an end. 

Our core never changes but becomes stronger – to continually raise our standards, to be inspired and inspire, to be with you as we together move with meaning. 

This is your time! We are powered by passionate people, working hard and supporting each other toward a common goal – realising our full potential through movement.