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Grab a friend and conquer the world

By March 1, 2018News

Gaaaaaal pals, everybody needs good gal pals!

With a little understanding, you can share a bottle of prosecco!

Gal Pals, should be there for one another

That’s when good gal pals, become barre besties!

Ok so I may have taken some liberties with the theme tune to ‘Neighbours’ (flashback to college and daytime Australian soaps!) but I stand by every word. Single or married or ‘it’s complicated’, none of that matters I think. What most definitely does matter is having at least one person you can put the world to rights with. One who you can count on no matter what, who will high five you when you’re nailing it and kick you in the arse when you need it. If you have that, I believe you can do ANYTHING. We all need support, backing, a kind word, a large glass of wine and sometimes even a kick in the arse. And we are all guilty of letting life take over. Work gets crazy, kids need to be brought here and there, there are errands and food prep and a hundred other things and suddenly ‘meet bestie for coffee’ gets pushed to the end of a very long to-do list. ‘Self-care’ is a major buzzword at the moment – spa days and bubble baths and meditation and those are all great, but I see your bubble bath and I raise you an hour with a good friend, face to face, talking deep or about everything and nothing. Someone you can send screenshots of whatever you just saw on your insta-feed that made you lol or roll your eyes, ask questions you wouldn’t ask anyone else, someone that makes you feel like ‘oh my gawd you too? I thought that was only me!’.

One of my favourite things about the studio is seeing people make friends. A shared grimace over a particularly tough thigh sprint, grabbing a coffee after class, meeting up to see a movie during the week. It can be tough to make friends as an adult and the studio can provide the perfect setting, you have shared interests (loving to hate the shaking and trembling and burning!) and it don’t mind saying that our Flex gals are some of the best girls you’ll find. They are funny and kind and all-round awesome! They are innovators and leaders, entrepreneurs, they work really hard and know how to let their hair down! They are fiercely loyal and will tuck next to you on your best day and your worst.

To celebrate our awesome crew of girls, we had our first Galentine’s Day party, with ‘Mean Girls’ and prosecco and popcorn and it was so much fun to get together and chat and chill. Make sure to tell your bestie about our next event and show them what Flex in the City is all about.