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Today, we explore the dynamic world of Power Pilates. Read on to discover more and make sure to ask questions in the comments.


Think Pilates, but with extra kick! Our dynamic Power Pilates reformer class offers the benefits of Pilates – think flexibility and toning but goes a step or two (or four!) beyond, to include functional and strength training and cardio bursts. The result is an intense and demanding full body workout that sculpts figures, torches fat, builds lean, toned muscle fast, and will leave you buzzing with endorphins.

Power Pilates is all the control, precision and flow of your regular Pilates class but with a different intensity, designed to take your muscle to fatigue. You will incorporate weights, bands and balls with the work on the reformer to take your workout to the next level. Expect to feel fitter, leaner and stronger. Expect to sweat. Expect to feel like a rockstar!


 Work your heart, not just your core!

     Power Pilates will elevate your heart rate more than a regular Pilates class, working your cardiovascular system as well as the rest of your body.

 Ready, Set, Control!

     Regular Power Pilates would be tough, but Power Pilates on the reformer is a whole other ball game – the control you need to work on the carriage ensures that your core remains engaged throughout the workout, making it an efficient use of your time as we work your entire body in under an hour, developing your core strength as well as strengthening your ‘periphery’ (arms and legs) and improving your balance, mobility, stamina and endurance.


Power Pilates for cross-training

Power Pilates is a great workout to add to your routine as cross training for your sport as it works not only the abdominal core but the glutes, hamstrings, hip flexors which are vital in being able to run with power and ease and the upper body – back, shoulders, biceps and triceps to improve your posture and combat the effects of prolonged sitting at a desk on a computer.

Because it’s fun y’all!

And who wants to do a boring workout ? Whoooooo ? The Power Pilates workout is always changing and the upbeat playlists and inspiring teachers keep you motivated and working to your full potential throughout the class. And because it’s fun, you’ll love it – you’ll also love it because when you do it regularly, you’ll see incredible results. And when you see those results, you’ll be more motivated to keep working out. A winning combination for you Flexer!

It’s raining men (hallelujah ?) Power Pilates is Pilates for the non-believer

Ladies, you know the Pilates secret, you’ve known for years the epicness of Pilates. So do the men we have taking classes in the studio. But when some of you tell the men in your life how awesome it is and how much they need it (they really do!) they make some sort of scoffing noise and mumble about women in lycra stretching in a chilled out studio for an hour and then getting brunch (ehm, ok the brunch bit IS true, but chilled out? We think not!). Power Pilates is THE way to sneak Pilates into a man’s life – it has everything : A machine with springs and pulleys and other bits and pieces; it’s not for the faint hearted – they will sweat and curse you (and us!) and leave feeling amazing; the will get the stretching and mobility training lots of them desperately need without feeling like it’s a waste of their time. And they will get a great workout and though they will never admit how tough it is, they’ll never mumble about women in Lycra again!


Essential for new members, our regular Reformer Pilates classes are all about striking a balance – giving you not only a great workout but also the support you need while you learn the correct technique to ensure you get the absolute most out of every workout. A couple of regular Reformer classes will allow you to become familiar with the Reformer and learn the Pilates technique at a comfortable pace, putting you in a stronger position to tackle the increased pace and intensity of a Power Pilates class. If you’re coming back to us after an injury, a couple of beginner sessions will help you get back in the swing of things – and prevent you from pushing too hard, too soon.