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Barre THIGH workout with Flex in the City online

Welcome to our online workouts! We are so glad you have taken some time in your day just for you to get a workout in! If you are new to our workouts, make sure to head over to our youtube page to check out some of our technique tip videos or check out our blog posts about barre technique. You can also pair this workout with others on our site for a longer, more intense workout.
Ok, let’s get ready to get sweaty!
Just a couple things to remember:
– If you need to bring your feet in closer than our instructors in the video, you absolutely can! Make sure the positioning is right for you and suits your body.
– Remember to stand tall, chest and throat open, back long, ribs stacked over hips and tailbone dropping to the floor.
– Your knees should wrap out over your toes. This both helps you to work deeper in your inner and outer thighs and also ensures proper alignment of your ankle, knee and hip. If you find your knee is falling on the inside of your foot instead of over your toes, try to bring your feet in a little closer together and maybe come up a little higher in your legs.
– If you are feeling strong and want an extra challenge, why not take your hands to your hips or into prayer at the centre of your chest to challenge your balance and your core even more.
– Enjoy it! You have taken these 5 minutes for you so really use them. Push yourself, close your eyes, embrace the challenge and the shake and have fun with it. And of course let us know in the comments how you get on!