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Barre SIDE SEAT workout with @flexinthecityonline

Welcome to your online Flex in the City workout! This workout focuses on your side seat, outer hip and thigh, building strength in your external hip rotators (important for pelvic stability and knee alignment) and creating amazing shape and definition in your thighs! All you need is a stable surface, you can use a sturdy chair or a countertop. So get yourself set up and let’s get ready to get sweaty!

Some things to keep in mind :

  • Your standing leg is doing a lot of work in this exercise, taking lots of your body weight and helping you to stabilize. You shouldn’t let your standing leg do all the work though – make sure you press into your big toe and your inside heel so you don’t tip over into your standing leg. To help with this, press the forearm of your lifted leg side into your support to keep your weight centered.
  • Bring all your mental energy into your side seat – think about moving from there, stretching your lifted leg as long as possible from your hip to your big toe and then your heel.
  • Allow the hip on your lifted leg side to open and keep your waistline (the space between your ribs and your pelvis) really long on both sides – stay active in your whole body so you don’t ‘hang out’ in your waist or in your standing leg. Keep your core switched on and your neck and back long.
  • Make sure you don’t lift your leg too high – you will do better if you keep your leg a little lower and stay working in your side seat, making sure you don’t take the leg too high and take the work into your lower back.