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Our Picks for Barre in London

Whenever I travel, I always try to get in at least one class when I’m away, and it would seem that so do lots of you guys, as we have been getting lots of messages lately asking for recommendations! Going somewhere else for work or for fun? I can almost guarantee we have tried a class there so let us know and we can make some recommendations!

Xtend barre

According to their website “The Xtend Barre method, created by Andrea Rogers, combines elements of Pilates and dance to create a dynamic and safe workout. Where other barre programs focus only on the small movements, Xtend Barre’s programs focus on movement of the whole body, delivering cardio, strength, endurance, and flexibility” and I can vouch that all the above is 100% true! Xtend is one of my favourite barre studios in London. The teachers are brilliant and lots of them are current or previous performers and dancers from the Royal Ballet. Expect a more dynamic warm up, bigger ranges of motion and expect to sweat! Don’t Don’t thought of it being more of a ‘dancer-‘dancer-y’ class put you off, the instruction is really clear and you will find your groove really quickly.

The studio itself is off Marylebone High Street and is beautiful. There are changing facilities and showers with Aesop products. They also have sticky socks to purchase and a little cafe in the studio that sells coffees and juices and smoothies.

Their website is https://www.xtendbarre.com/studio/xtend-barre-london/ and you can book in online using MindBody.



Barrecore was one of the first barre studios to open in London when its founder Niki Rhein moved to London from LA. They have 9 locations all over London so are probably one of the most accessible studios to visit as there will most likely be one somewhere near you. They offer their signature BarreCore classes as well as an express class, hiit and sculpt classes and pre and post natal options. You’ll find sho’llin most studios with cowshed products and they also sell sticky socks, water bottles, some snacks and some apparel. some apparel



Ten Health & Fitness

According to their website, Ten is a ‘workout for the way we live today. Effective, time efficient, safe and sustainabe”. Ten has 8locations all over London with lots of classes on the timetable and is one of my favourite options when I’m in London. The studios are gorgeous and have showers and towels with Malin & Goetz products. They call their reformer classes ‘dynamic Pilates’ and the classes are great (I would highly recommend the teachers in the Mayfair studio). Expect higher reps, challenging springs, the addition of free weights and brilliant soundtracks. They do have socks for sale but they aren’t the best so bring your own. They are also really strict regarding their new client policy – if you have never been before you absolutely have to take a beginner class (I was actually refused entry to my first class because I had booked an intermediate but I had never been to Ten before!). Don’t worry though, the beginner class is still a great workout so don’t think you’re missing out by not doing the intermediate or advanced.



Bootcamp Pilates

Bootcamp Pilates is exactly what it says on the tin! It is a delightfully challenging Pilates inspired workout on the Reformer. Expect to use extra weights and to sweat! About as far from classical Pilates as you can get, bootcamp Pilates in London is a really great workout with great routines and the teachers are firecrackers, they will get you to push yourself just that little bit more when you thought you didn’t have much more to give! Miranda and I did a class together here with a little firecracker of a trainer and it was one of my favourite classes ever!




Tempo Pilates also have a few different locations in London – I went to the Covent Garden one in Gymbox which does have shower facilities and you can rent a towel. The class was really great – a different approach where the soundtrack is super important, all the exercises are done to the beat of whatever playlist is rocking that day, which can be surprisingly challenging! Expect lots of magic circle and the addition of some extra weights and a solid workout on the Reformer! Teachers are good, keep an excellent eye on clients and will adjust you as needed.




I have only been to Frame in Shoreditch and taken Reformer classes there. It’s a funky e. It is a fu down a little lane, with a coffee and juice bar (and there’s a coffee shop n’ door as well). The facilities aren’t as luxe as soare not  other studios but there are showers. This is a really busy studio with lots going on, there is always a major buzz here and a really diverse crowd. There is a huge range of classes, from Reformer Pilates and yoga, to dance classes called ‘rave’ and ‘music vid‘rave’ so r‘music video’m d classes like Beyoncé dance workshops. There is ale a retail section with some great bars and snacks and a section with leggings and tops, some unique to Frame. Just to note that Frame use an online booking system other than MindBody but it is still really easy to use and you can always phone to book.

you can always phone to book.