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Planks & Push Ups workout with @flexinthecity online

Welcome to your online Flex in the City workout! This workout is all about planks and pushups so get ready to feel your core like never before! All you need is a mat so grab yours and get ready to get sweaty!

Some things to keep in mind :

  • Planks work almost all of your body so you should focus on a feeling of being ‘zipped up’. Think about putting on a wetsuit – you are wrapped up from your ankles to your shoulders, working most of your body in a really short space of time – or getting more bang for your buck!
  • Try to keep your pelvis in about the same line as your rib cage – too high and your core won’t have to work that hard, too low and you might find yourself ‘sagging’ in your lower back with a pinching feeling in your lower back, which we definitely want to avoid. Try to imagine your bellybutton in line with the tip of your breastbone.
  • This is a tough one so if you need to take a break, come down for a second, give yourself a breath but make sure to come back into the exercise as soon as possible. Planks are an excellent way to build overall strength and practice makes perfect!
  • Just. Keep. Breathing. Seriously! Think about breathing deeply into the back of your ribcage (think inhale into your bra strap) and then use a deep exhale to engage your core even more.
  • Make sure to keep your shoulders relaxed, shoulder blades sliding down towards your back packets and collar bones wide.
  • Enjoy it! And maybe add this one to your routine every day as it focuses on overall strength and stability and is guarenteed to get your hate rate up and ready for the day!