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How to increase the life span of your favourite leggings

By September 9, 2018Blog, Flex lifestyle, News

Today’s blog is inspired by the question of all questions – how do you keep your sticky socks sticky?

This led to a chat about how to get the longest life out of your favourite pair of leggings so here are the Flex top tips for washing and caring for your lycra.

Read the care label!

  • This is all too often ignored and can contain key information so make sure this is your first port of call. We also recommend a wash all of its own for your precious gym gear – washing like with like will make sure no fluff gets caught on your leggings and it avoids items getting tangled and stretched or rubbed up against potentially abrasive items like jeans or zippers or Velcro.

Make sure you turn everything inside out

  • This is important, especially for your sticky socks

You get hot and sweaty in the studio but your kit shouldn’t in the wash!

  • Chose a lukewarm wash for your kit – we recommend a synthetics/delicates cycle and a max 30 degree wash.
  • If your gear has got a bit smelly, fill a bucket with lukewarm water and add baking soda and allow the garment to soak for a couple of hours. Baking soda is alkaline and can remove the odour by neutralising the acids that caused the smell. Then wash as normal in the machine!

Detergent matters!

  • It’s important not to use fabric conditioner or washing detergent that has a fabric conditioner in it. Fabric conditioner can ‘coat’ the technical materials and can reduce its wicking capacity. Think of it like this, the fabric condition can ‘clog the pores’ of the fabric so it doesn’t wick sweat away as well. If you have washed your leggings with fabric conditioner, don’t panic! Just wash them again to rinse away the fabric conditioner and you should be all set!

Let it all hang out!

  • Avoid tumble drying your gear (and if you have to then go with a cooler setting and a synthetics setting if possible). It’s best to air dry your kit, especially your sticky socks as the heat of the dryer can degrade the sticky patches.

As always, pop any questions in the comments or email us at [email protected] for more info. And for our Cork Flexers, we have a delivery of sticky socks arriving this week and a very special kit announced is due soon!