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Barre THIGH workout with Flex in the City online

Welcome to your online Flex in the City workout! This workout focuses on your thighs so get yourself a stable surface that you can lean on for support (a heavy chair, a counter top or even a wall) and let’s get ready to get sweaty! This workout will taper your outer thigh and hip as well as your inner thigh so get as deep into each position as you can and commit to shaking and working super hard for just a couple of minutes for phenomenal results!

Here are some of our top tips:

  1. When we say ‘hold’ or ‘freeze’ we really mean it! SO much of the work is in pausing the contraction of the muscle so make sure you don’t bounce through any of the positions
  2. Pushing your heels together as tight as you can is key to working really deeply in the muscle but also to keeping your knees protected so put as much effort as you can into the small details of the set bup
  3. Make sure to push the weight into the ball of your foot – anchor your big toe, your baby toes and all those toes in between right down onto the floor – this helps to keep your weight forward, helps to keep your spine long with a heavy tailbone to the floor and helps to keep the right muscle group – your thighs – working!
  4. Try not to grip your support. Remember that is is just there to help you find your balance, not to lean all your weight onto.
  5. Make sure to check out our technique tip videos or add any questions in the comments below. Happy tucking!