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Flex Star Spotlight: Client Feature

By October 4, 2018Blog, Flex lifestyle

Mary is an absolute Flex superstar! She has taken over 300 regular classes at the studio and over 125 private classes. She is one of the brightest, most upbeat people in every class and gives it her all, no matter how long her day has been or how early in the morning it is!

What does a typical day look like for you?

I work in retail management so a typical day would usually be 8 to 10 hour days depending on the week, mornings would usually involve a team brief with staff for the day , daily duties set out which could be a new floor move, delivery to be prepped, window displays to be updated, conference calls with other stores and area managers, staff rotas and daily banking and paperwork as well as looking after customer needs. It’s busy but exciting.

What is your favourite thing about the classes?

I actually have a couple of favourite things. mainly, I can switch my mind off and have time for myself but I also love that each barre class is different with different props to keep the class interesting. I love the fact that the class is only 50 minutes and it really flies by, and you get a full body workout without feeling like you’re killing yourself to get results.

What are the biggest changes you’ve noticed since

In a little over 6 months, I have seen a complete body transformation, everything looks tighter and my waist, arms, and thighs look so much leaner. There is nothing better than clearing your mind, and taking a reformer class, I always feel great afterwards, my head feels clear and I am way more positive about the rest of my day.

When I started at the studio, I was nervous, I wasn’t sure was it going to be for me or if I was going to be able to keep up but Julette just puts everyone at ease and explains everything really well. I was completely committed to 3 Reformer classes a week and then Julette encouraged me to try the barre classes at my own pace and assured me that I would love it and she was absolutely right, she knows every client really well and it’s a pleasure to come to the studio.